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Piano Tuning

Tuning — $165 + HST

The primary factors that cause pianos to fall out of tune are temperature, humidity, moving, and routine playing. We use a combination of aural tuning (by ear) and digital tools to fine-tune each piano string, ensuring a precise and stable tuning.

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A tuning appointment typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. During this visit, we will also adjust your piano’s pedals, provide a brief summary of your piano’s overall condition, and advise of any improvements that could be made.

It is recommended that a piano be tuned two to four times annually. If a piano has not been tuned for a significant length of time, a pitch raise is often necessary.

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Piano Pitch Raising

Pitch Raise — $70 + HST (plus tuning fee)

Pianos are designed to sound their richest and most lively when they are tuned to concert pitch (A440). Over time, the tension of piano strings can relax, and the strings will stretch out, causing the entire instrument to fall flat in pitch.

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While the strings may still sound somewhat in tune with one another, the overall pitch of the piano will be incorrect — sometimes up to an entire semitone flat. When this happens, a pitch raise is recommended.

During a pitch raise, the piano technician will raise the tension of each string to return the piano’s strings and structure back into equilibrium and return the instrument to concert pitch. Once these major adjustments have been made to the string tension, the technician will then make a second pass to fine-tune each string and stabilize the tuning.

Maintaining a piano at concert pitch is recommended for pianists who accompany voices or other instruments, as well as for anyone studying piano and ear training, as proper pitch is essential to these studies.

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Piano Cleaning

Cleaning – $120-$160 + HST

Give yourself peace of mind with one of our most popular services. Interior cleaning is done using special tools and attachments that allow us to remove dust and debris from under the strings and inside the piano cavity and action that can hinder your piano’s performance.

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Pricing details:

$145 + HST for upright pianos
($120 when combined with a $165 tuning)

$160 + HST for grand pianos
($135 when combined with a $165 tuning)

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Piano Repairs & Refurbishing

Repairs & Refurbishing

We provide a broad range of services to help your piano function at its best. We are experts in piano maintenance and care, from small repairs to full-action rebuilds. Whether you have a chipped keytop, or a broken piano hammer, we can help.

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Not sure where to start? A piano assessment is a helpful first step for many players. A piano assessment will give you information about your piano’s overall condition. We can provide a list of recommended and optional services to help restore your piano to your specific needs.

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Piano Regulation

Regulation — pricing varies

A piano action is an amazing mechanism of enormous complexity. Its crucial task is to transfer musical energy seamlessly from the pianist’s fingers to the piano strings, allowing the player to accurately and expressively communicate the subtle (and not-so-subtle) nuances of the music being played.

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Over the course of time, even the smallest dimensional or positional change in any component part can hurt piano performance by preventing the action mechanism from working correctly, causing a loss of optimal tone and touch. A regulation can solve these issues and bring your piano’s performance back to life.

Pricing varies depending on your piano’s unique needs.

For a good primer on piano action, visit https://kawaius.com/technology/piano-action/

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Piano Voicing

Voicing — pricing varies

Piano voicing involves fine adjustments to the piano hammers, which are made of natural fibers that can compress over time – causing harsh, metallic, or uneven tones.

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Using files and specialized needling tools, we reshape and modify the density of each hammer to bring out the best tone, clarity, projection, and sustain in your piano. Voicing is generally done in stages over the course of a few weeks, allowing the tone to settle between sessions for the perfect tone. Each session typically lasts 2.5 hours. Before voicing a piano, it is important that it is well-regulated and recently tuned.

Pricing details:

1st appointment — $250 + HST
2nd appointment — $200 + HST
3rd appointment — $150 + HST

(provided they are done within a 4-week period)

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Dampp Chaser Piano Humidty Control System

Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control

Upright $685 + HST – Grand $720 + HST

Environmental stability is crucial to piano care. Ideally, the relative humidity in your home should be 40-45%. Variances in temperature and humidity can cause the wood in your piano to shrink or swell, resulting in tuning instability, cracks and damaged glue joints. High humidity can also cause piano strings and tuning pins to rust.

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Perhaps the most effective system for internal humidity control in pianos is the Piano Life Saver System. This system takes little more than an hour to install and can provide years of protection against the destructive effects of humidity fluctuations that are particularly prevalent in southwestern Ontario.

Pricing details:

$685 + HST for upright pianos
$720 + HST for grand pianos

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Piano Assessments

Assessments & Appraisals 

Verbal $95 + HST – Written $145 + HST

A piano assessment can be an invaluable decision-making tool. Our clients have found assessments very helpful in a number of situations:

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  • Deciding on a used piano purchase
  • Determining suitability of instruments for specific environments and performance needs
  • Establishing expected repair or restoration costs
  • Determining resale potential and market value
  • Evaluating investment vs. value for piano restoration or refinishing work

We also provide appraisal services for insurance purposes, for resale transactions, or for special interest groups, such as collectors and antique and estate professionals.

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