After a 40 year career, a fellow piano tuner from Kitchener has retired. I first met Paul in 2013. I had purchased a piano and when he came to tune it, he also inadvertently inspired my decision to pursue piano technology as a career.

Paul was a talented piano tuner and craftsman and I remember asking that first day if he would take me on as his apprentice. He politely declined, but pointed me toward a piano technology course offered at the time at Western University in London, Ont. I will never forget the feeling of excitement when I realized this was the career for me.

 Early on in my career I met quite a few technicians still working in their 70s and 80s — and I used to wonder why they hadn’t retired yet. 10 years into my own career, it’s perfectly clear. Once you experience the joy and connection that pianos make possible, you never want to stop.

 I will, of course, hang up my tools one day. But I appreciate every minute I get to be part of the arts community and help people’s pianos sound their best — whether in churches, theatres or homes. It’s a privilege to serve my clients in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge. I can only hope I am able to inspire others to consider the profession — and operate Oxford Piano Service for many years to come.